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JETGAINS is a company that has over 15 years of trading and investment experience. We are a group of skilled Forex and Hedge Fund managers who with over 100,000,000 USD in client funds in various portfolio, including Forex, Stocks, Bonds, Insurance and various other securities. With a wide range of diversified portofolio in multiple markets, we are able to deliver a steady stream of success and high investment returns for our loyal client base. Our core expertise in understanding macro-economics and news events which are key drivers in the capital and securities market, as well as making automated trading software that are able to yield consistent good profits.

After having had success with over 4000 clients in Multi-account managmenet modules across 5 Forex brokers, in 2016 we decided to bring our presence online to widen our investor base. Our medium-risk trading style proves that its possible to have a long-term and sustainable stable investment program without resorting to becoming ponzi or money scams. Our program is intended for people willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do so because they're not financial experts.

Technical Algorithmic Forex Trading Team

Our Team is comprised of 12 people who are dedicated the the art of trading and servicing clients.

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How Does JetGains work?

JetGains is a global investment platform that gives you returns based on our Forex and CFDs trading profits

We run algorithmic forex trading Expert Advisors (robots) that open buy and sell orders using key Support, Resistance, and Pivot point indicators

We trade currency pairs as well as other related security assets in big volume. We hedge against sudden market movements by spreading the risk into several assets

When you fund your Jetgains.com account, we will channel it into our trading broker accounts, profits of which will return to Jetgains after end of trading period

For pairs with high volatility we always use robots to do HFT or high frequency trading. This is able to effectively leverage on risk and make good profits.